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Deltech Europe Ltd

We are a synthetic resin manufacturer based near Cambridge in the UK. We produce an ever widening range of resins primarily based on unsaturated polyester and alkyd chemistry. We also manufacture a range of speciality resins with urethane, epoxy and acrylic functionality. In 2017 we finished our latest multi million pound investment in a new reactor and blenders with an associated state of the art control system. This has increased our capacity to produce unsaturated polyester resin by over 100%


Resin Production Capability

We have three reactors that are capable of producing 20 tonne batches of resin. We use one specifically to produce alkyds and urethane resins, one specifically for unsaturated polyester resin production and one multi-purpose reactor that can be used to manufacture both types of resin. We also have a small scale reactor that can make batches upto 5 tonnes in size, this reactor is utilized to make speciality resins and to scale up new development resins from the laboratory to full scale production.


Research Development

We have development laboratories staffed by chemists with many years of experience in polymer chemistry. We are very customer focused and we work extremely closely with our customers to develop novel products for their particular applications. One of our USP's is our knowledge and expertise utilizing the range of speciality monomers made by our parent company Deltech Corporation in the USA. These are used to manufacture our range of styrene free unsaturated polyester resins and vinyl toluene modified alkyds.

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Deltech Resin Co.

The Deltech Resin Company offers an extensive line of solvent-borne alkyd resins, oil-modified urethanes, and water-based emulsions, dispersions and latex resins.

Deltech Corp

Produces enhanced performance aromatic monomers including para-methylstyrene (PMS), vinyltoluene (VT) and tertiary-butylstyrene (TBS) at our manufacturing facility in Baton Rouge, LA. Deltech Corp. also produces the reactive monomer divinylbenzene (DVB) and other specialty at the Baton Rouge site.

Deltech Asia

Distributes Deltech specialty monomers from a sales office in Shanghai, PRC.

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  • Monday - Friday: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
  • Address: Piperell Way, Haverhill, Suffolk, CB9 8PH
  • Phone: 01440 716700
  • Fax: 01440 708428
  • andrewc@deltech.uk.com - enquiries for monomers
  • alanp@deltech.uk.com - enquiries for resins
  • pareshs@deltech.uk.com - technical enquiries

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Deltech Europe Ltd. produces a range of standard resins suitable for various applications. Customer specific resin formulations are also made under special agreement. Direct sale or toll manufacturing arrangements are available for customer resin manufacturing. Inquiries for resin manufacturing or development assistance are welcomed.
Deltech Europe, Ltd. is a member of the European Resin Manufacturers Association (ERMA) and maintains a listing of our available surface coating products in the ERMA Resins directory on the ERMA website.